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Course description

There are three main courses of study in the institute: “health-food biotechnology”, “herbal biotechnology” and “microbial biotechnology”. The courses are designed according to the emphasis on development.

1. Health-food biotechnology: Educating students in using genetic engineering to improve the raw materials in food processing, in improving the bacterium performance of microbes, and in the manufacture of enzyme products in improving the transformation of hereditary materials cell cultivation technology and in producing the various effective compositions in health foods, new foods and additives in a planned way.

2. Herbal biotechnology: Educating students in developing key technologies from Chinese herbal medicine such as gene identification, extraction and analysis techniques, activity screening and pharmacology assessment to the development of Chinese herbal medicine derivative products, and the knowledge of product quality management and relevant regulations, in order to produce Chinese herbs relevant technical experts for today’s industries.

3. Microbial biotechnology: Educating students with the technology of using microorganisms to produce proteins, recombinant vaccines, synthetic vaccines, microbial enzymes, microbial polysaccharides and polyesters, amino acids, and antibiotics etc. This utilizes microbial biotechnology to produce high additional value added products.


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